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How To Get Your Employees Excited About Your Insurance Agency

Credit union employees play an incredibly powerful role in promoting your insurance agency. Building employee engagement into your overall marketing strategy for the agency has proven to be a wildly successful use of time and resources. Employee/Member relationships are developed every day from behind the teller counter to sitting at a Loan Officer’s desk. These relationships are key tools in promoting and growing a successful Insurance Aisle within your store.

This case study webinar will take a look at one of Insuritas’ most successful agencies when it comes to employee engagement in all areas of the credit union. Rivermark Insurance Agency has branded itself not only to its members but within its own employee culture, leveraging internal excitement to grow a successful book of business and recurring income for the Credit Union.

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How Any Credit Union Can Build an Insurance Agency

Learn how Kurt Schmidt, CEO of Western Heritage Credit Union, has done what some may have thought impossible – launching a strikingly successful insurance agency in a credit union with under $100 million in assets. Jeff Chesky, Chairman and CEO of Insuritas, takes an in-depth look at how Kurt and his team built a successful insurance agency selling auto/home/business insurance to over half of their members. Additionally, the case study draws on experience from Western Heritage members who saved money by switching their insurance from Farm Bureau to Western Heritage.

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Driving Member Engagement and Membership Growth with Gen-Y

In the past year over 87% of millennials report that they have banked online compared to just 53% who have visited a branch, yet as more and more of these Gen-Y consumers are looking to bank digitally, recent studies show that credit unions are failing to keep up with their competitors. This webinar will focus on innovative strategies for your credit union to target this millennial market and position itself for long-term growth and sustainability.

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Digital Cross-Selling

In early 2014, Bankrate reported that 33% of your consumers had not set foot in a branch office in at least six months, and more than 20% had not visited in a year or longer. As your members continue to migrate from traditional in-branch banking towards online and mobile banking, credit unions nationally are struggling to translate their traditional sales efforts to a digital environment. This webinar focuses on some credit unions’ innovative efforts to leverage member data and digital marketing tools and strategies to increase products per household and deepen relationships with their members that bank online.

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Offering Members Auto and/or Home Insurance Every Time You Make a Loan

Your credit union approves auto and mortgage loans every day, and some of you are making commercial real estate or commercial and industrial loans to small business owners. Every time you prepare to close a loan, you create an insurance need. Over the last 5 years, insurance carriers have concluded that a consumers ‘credit score’ is very predictive of claims risk – so when you are approving a credit request you have identified a highly sought after insurance customer – now it’s time to extend insurance to these highly sought after insurance risks. This seminar will show you how.

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A Credit Union Owned Insurance Agency

Many insurance providers like AAA are now offering auto loans when they sell insurance. Credit union CEOs understand that if their member has to leave to buy insurance to fund a loan, they risk losing that loan altogether. While this may seem like a new threat for credit unions, they also have an opportunity to enhance their member service with their own insurance offerings. In this webinar, attendees will gain a strategic overview of the issues involved in buying, building or outsourcing an insurance agency, examining capital, execution and reputation risk, and look at how these options are at work in actual credit unions.

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New Perspectives on Non-cyclical Fee Income

This webinar examines non-cyclical fee income—what it is, how it works, and why it is critical to a credit union’s long term financial stability. Find out how offering insurance products that your members are required to purchase—auto and home—provides a steady stream of annuitizing fee income where more than 80% of the fee income generated in a prior year repays in the next year.

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Strategies for Rapid Response Communications: Opportunities to Serve Your Members during Retail Breaches

The recent Target holiday hack fiasco resulted in more than 70,000,000 (and growing) compromised cards. With so much information swirling in the news about fraud and retail breaches, it’s an opportune time to educate your members about how you protect them. This webinar will review how several credit unions designed and executed email campaigns within hours of news breaking about the Target hack.

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Shop, Compare & Buy: The Shopping Cart Arrives in the Credit Union

In this third installment of the Insuritas E-Commerce Learning Series, watch as a webinar participant makes history as he or she will visit their credit union’s website and has a live ‘’ shopping experience. Observe as the member shops for products online, puts different products from different companies in a single shopping cart, selects monthly or annual billings by product, and is invited to buy other products. Then watch as the member buys all the products with a single payment and see the credit union ship the products instantly to the member. Finally, the credit union will instantly set up an online portal so the member can come back and shop again after simply signing in.

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The Shopping Experience Comes to the Credit Union: Flirting in the E-branch

This webinar looks at several credit unions that are using the emerging science of ‘Member Nurturing Using Digital Experiences’ to drive members to shop, compare, and buy financial products on your website, when they visited your website to simply pay a bill. Preview the latest analytics and customer contact email ‘nurturing’ tools that are getting a member what they want, when they want it, and how they want it—all online. The result? More member shopping, more member buying, and more bundling of transactions—in many cases before the member ever realized it’s what they wanted.

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Moving Your Website From Brochure-ware to E-commerce

In this second installment of the Insuritas E-commerce Learning Series, Insuritas President and CEO Jeff Chesky explores concepts beyond “Moving Your Website from Brochure-ware to E-commerce.” Find out how online retail giant uses testing and analytics to boost sales—and how these very same tactics can be used by credit unions to better serve their members and improve their bottom line.

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Revolutionary SmartCART Technology Puts Fee Income on Steroids

For years, third party vendors have instructed you on how to market their products to your members to generate fee income. The new SmartCART Technology℠ changes all that. This “myth-busting” webinar will focus on features, functions, and benefits of SmartCART Technology℠, developed by Insuritas and GBO. You will learn how to: turn your website into a true fee-income generating machine, provide your members with a ‘one stop’ – ‘single check-out’ shopping experience and get paid your fee income real-time.

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