42 US P&C Carriers Launch on New Insuritas i-Insure Platform

On January 5, 2018

Insuritas, operating at the intersection of InsurTECH and FinTECH, successfully launched its i-Insure technology platform with 42 of the nation’s leading auto & home insurance carriers today. i-Insure allows P&C carriers to leverage the real-time exchange of over 180 fields of data to deliver bindable rates within the Insuritas multi-channel virtual agency platform that provides insurance shopping to over 9 million retail households. The i-Insure technology allows carriers to quickly drive their latest innovations with products and pricing to our clients customers as they shop for all of their auto and home insurance needs. i-Insure is built into our omni-channel master agency and is integrated with our partner bank and credit union loan origination and online banking platforms.

Jeff Chesky, CEO of Insuritas noted; “We have built powerful, trusted partnerships with the nation’s leading auto & home insurance carriers, and have emerged as one of the fastest growing insurance distributors in the country with our third consecutive year of 40% + growth in profitable premium. Our goal was to build out an open technology platform that would allow us to move massive amounts of data seamlessly between our clients, their customers and our carrier partners, and integrate with the burgeoning pool of third party data that helps our carriers to compete and win profitable business. The i-Insure technology allows our omni channel platform to deliver the right combinations of coverage and pricing that our high quality insureds expect. As our bank and credit union partners deploy our virtual insurance agency platforms deeper inside their ecosystems, and leverage their trusted customer and member relationships, we can now further refine personalized insurance shopping and buying to the over 9 million customers in our addressable market.”

Tracy O’Brien, CTO of Insuritas continued, “We are committed to supporting our carrier partners as they pursue innovation; data analytics, robotic process automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, all in an effort to further refine their products, pricing and conversion rates. A year in the making in collaboration with our carrier partners, i-Insure is a unique, agnostic multichannel middleware that allows our carrier partners to deploy their innovations real-time. Their innovations will allow them to write more profitable premium and allow us to deliver the right combinations of coverages at the right price to our clients over 9 million customers.”


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