Bank & Credit Union web portals still failing with customer engagement

On March 20, 2014

Finally someone has put some data around this notion of consumers allegedly waiting for an FI’s digital strategy to include a prerequisite ‘SM’ component. FI web ecosystems are a bad mash-up of stale brochureware and an uninspired entry point for online banking services, period. I don’t believe that will change until bank’s have the courage to ask themselves a simple question – ‘What am I willing to offer to my customers in my digital eco-system in exchange for their digital attention, their engagement and their permission?”

We think customers want an online eco-system that supports their financial services needs just like they get from or for their shopping, comparing and buying of commodities. We need to create an E-Branch where consumers can shop, compare, buy, enjoy a single check-out, and have a post-sale online account that captures records of what they bought, how they paid for it, information about their account, and if needed again, account information that will be automatically stored and retrievable. Think Amazon Prime or Overstock’s Club O. And allowing consumers to comment and share their experiences inside this ‘financial services’ digital store —- with ratings/stars/likes —- now we’d be onto something.

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