Insuritas Agency Technology, iINSURE, ranked a Top 10 US Agency Management Platform by Insurance CIO Magazine

On March 5, 2020

Insuritas is pleased to announce that it is featured on the cover of Insurance CIO Outlook’s Insurance Agency Management 2020 Issue – Top 10 Agency Technology Platforms.

The Insuritas platform, iInsure, is engineered as an insurance agency marketplace for bank and credit union customers to seamlessly shop, compare, buy and manage all their lifetime insurance needs in a single ecosystem.  iInsure will allow all shopping, purchase, and post-purchase interactions to occur in a fully digital environment, moving data via API between carriers and customers instantly, and supported by full-service, on-demand white glove agents.

To read the entire issue of Insurance CIO dedicated to Insurance Agency Management Systems, go to this link.

“The development of iInsure was born from a frustration with legacy agency management systems designed by and for agents and carriers—with little thought about the end customer experience. We built iInsure to empower consumers and small businesses to manage their insurance needs and access multiple competing carriers on one digital platform,” notes Tracy O’Brien, CTO and Chief Engineer of iInsure. O’Brien’s team leveraged insights from their addressable market of over 10 million customers and over 1.6 million small business customers to develop their next generation platform. “We were able to design an insurance ecosystem that delivers what all users – carriers, agents, platform providers and customers—would expect out of an insurance Platform as a Service (PaaS). In this ground-breaking development, insurance buyers are now connected to an infinite number of insurance carriers and supported by white-glove agents in a single platform. Today, our iInsure platform is configured for use by financial institutions globally but is entirely customizable for any ecosystem orchestrator.”

About Insuritas

Insuritas has pioneered the deployment of SaaS virtual ‘private labeled’ insurance agencies that are integrated into bank and credit union operating environments, connecting nearly 10 million consumers and small businesses to digital insurance agencies supported by white glove licensed agents. The Insuritas agency management marketplace, iInsure, transforms the shopping experience for millions of consumers for the insurance products they purchase and repurchase every year. Insuritas enables financial institutions to own an insurance agency solution without the significant capital investments required to build or buy an agency, or the inherent operational risks attendant to either of those approaches.  Through a cost-effective partnership solution, financial institutions leverage Insuritas’ proven, end-to-end insurance agency solution.  Additional information available: U

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