Matt Ellenthal Joins Insuritas as Chief Marketing Officer

On June 2, 2020

Insuritas is pleased to announce that Matt Ellenthal has joined the company as Chief Marketing Officer. During Mr. Ellenthal’s 30+ year career as a marketing professional, he has created innovative products and programs that acquired and retained millions of consumers. He has worked in both non and regulated industries including direct mail, publishing, transportation, communication, casino and lottery, social media and healthcare.

“As CMO, Mr. Ellenthal will work with our clients to ideate, test and implement successful marketing products and programs to dramatically increase the number of new and retained insurance policies”, noted Jeffrey Chesky, Chairman and CEO of Insuritas. “Leveraging our multi-year investment in an integrated CRM and Agency Management System with SalesForce and Veruna, Mr. Ellenthal will utilize this new agency ecosystem to accelerate engagement between our clients’ insurance agencies and their customers and members, driving new policy quotes and policies in force.” 

Mr. Ellenthal has spent more than a decade at Walker Digital; a privately held research and development lab. Walker Digital’s mission is to use the tools of the digital age to create business systems that unlock extraordinary value for consumers and businesses. Since founding in the early 1990s, Walker Digital has been thinking about a world defined by universal computing, unlimited bandwidth and continuous network access. In addition to various C-level positions at Walker Digital, Mr. Ellenthal was VP of Customer Acquisition at HealthPrize, CMO at and VP at Synapse.

Mr. Ellenthal noted, “In the Covid-19 world we now find ourselves in, Banks and Credit Unions will be focused on credit quality, underwriting & repayment risk, collections, balance sheets and the continued pressure on net interest income. New consumer, mortgage and commercial lending activity will be significantly reduced for a period of time. Helping and retaining customers and members will be mission critical during this difficult time. With these challenging economic conditions, offering customers and members a frictionless way to shop and buy the insurance they need from the Bank or Credit Union they trust with an experience that is designed to save them money and time – is a worthwhile endeavor especially at times like these.”

Matt Chesky, President of Insuritas noted; “Matt’s experience creating and managing inbound and outbound consumer acquisition programs will help communicate our core value propositions of a seamless, transparent shopping experience to our consumers, while helping our partner financial institutions drive value-added non-interest income.”

About Insuritas 

At Insuritas, we build, deploy and operate white-labeled insurance agencies within financial institutions, empowering our partners to offer their depositors the one financial product each of them will purchase this year, insurance. Since 1999, our mission has been to connect consumers to the insurance products they need through a seamless, transparent shopping experience, where carriers compete to provide them with the right coverage at the right price. For more information, visit

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