Nationwide and Chubb Launch on Insuritas SmartCART InsurTech Digital Platform

On September 7, 2016

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Hartford CT. September 7, 2016 – Insuritas, the nation’s fastest growing InsurTech Company, announced today that Chubb™ and Nationwide™ have formally launched several core products on the Insuritas SmartCART™ platform. SmartCART is the world’s only insurance technology platform that allows consumers to shop, compare and buy a rapidly growing suite of insurance products in a one-stop shopping, check-out, binding, issuing and payment experience.  In the same way that allows consumers to shop and buy multiple products from multiple companies in a single check-out experience, the SmartCART automated, rule-based, real-time transaction platform provides the same experience for all things insurance.

Jeffrey Chesky, CEO of Insuritas noted; “The challenge for us was twofold. First, we needed to build a secure, scalable technology platform that major insurance carriers could trust, and second, we needed a bullet proof way of getting their products in front of massive addressable markets while collapsing customer acquisition costs (CAC). SmartCART does both.” Chesky continued, “For the first time, a consumer can put a Chubb AD&D product, a Nationwide Dental Product and Vision product, a Chubb Hospital Cash product and a ASPCA Pet Health Insurance policy into the same shopping cart and simply buy all with one click and one payment.  At the point of purchase all the products in the shopping cart are purchased, bound, issued and posted in an online ‘e-insurance account’ within a single checkout experience.” Chesky noted that over 20 national carriers are integrating into SmartCART, with more announcements expected in the weeks ahead.

Chesky concluded, “After a purchase is completed, SmartCART creates a permanent online account that automatically stores all of a customer’s insurance account information securely—just like their online banking or Amazon Prime account.  Not only can they access welcome letters, policies, coverage certificates, claim filing information and identification cards but also modify everything from updating their payment method to changing the profile of their dependents and beneficiaries.”

For an opportunity to take the SmartCART Insurtech digital platform for a spin, contact Deb Sage at [email protected]

About Insuritas

We seek to be the world’s most customer centric company for people and small businesses to shop, compare, buy and service all of their insurance needs. Insuritas deploys large, private labeled ‘Meta Insurance Agencies’ that connect customers to all insurance products in a frictionless shopping experience, eliminating the industry’s legacy distribution & technology platforms.  Additional information is available at


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